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Rhinoplasty and Permanent Results?

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Rhinoplasty Has Permanent Results?

Rhinoplasty also popular as “nose job” among people is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the correcting and reconstructing the nose by restoring its functions or giving a new appearance to it.

Patients who intend to bring certain changes in their nose structure or are suffering from sinus or having narrow nostril are the best candidate for Rhinoplasty. By undergoing Rhinoplasty one can alter the angle between the nose and the mouth, removes birth defects and scars, relieves breathing problems, correct congenital problems, etc.

What does the Rhinoplasty procedure include?

Surgeons undergo this procedure under general anesthesia in most cases.
Then the procedure is performed either by using a closed procedure (incisions concealed within the nose) or an open procedure (incisions on the columella).
The changes in the nose are made through these incisions like reducing a large nose into a small one. Surgeons might utilize the ear cartilage or rib cartilage to serve the purpose. Surgeons also can correct a deviated septum that can be made straight to enhance a better breathing.
Finally, after bringing the necessary changes in the structure of the nose, the tissues are dressed and the incisions are sutured.
Immediately after the surgery, your nose will be bandaged for few days until the recovery
However, you might face some complications after the procedure but are definitely not permanent. The side effects might include:

Breakdown of skin tissue causes skin problems including irritation from the tape or bandaging.
A serious nasal blockage caused by continuous bleeding inside the nose.
Complications because of anaesthesia.

Post-operative care:

Recovery is seen from the very few hours of operation. Pain medicine could be taken as per doctor’s advice. One should avoid swimming, blowing nose, excessive chewing, excessive facial expression. Pulling cloth overhead, resting eyeglasses or spectators on the nose, vigorous tooth brushing, sun exposure and especially about running and other physical activities. Swelling can last for six months and slight for further.

Are these results permanent?

Now the question is are these changes made in Rhinoplasty permanent? Or the changes made will revert after few years?

This is an obvious question that every patient comes across before undergoing the surgery. So the answer to these entire questions is YES. The results obtained post surgery lasts a lifetime if it is done properly under the right hands. Any person after undergoing the surgery will definitely find changes in their nose. The swelling and the scars gradually diminish after a year. Then in the next three to four years the nose slowly gains the desired shape. After these four years, your nose will finally be able to gain a stable pretty look. This one will be considered as the final Rhinoplasty result.

However, these changes might get affected while aging. We know that age creates an impact on the nose like you can get wrinkled skin all over your face and even over your nose. Aging will loosen the facial muscles and that can cause a loss of volume of the nose especially in the ala area.

But if you face any other issues regarding your nose even after recovery then you might require a revision Rhinoplasty to correct them. So we can easily come to a conclusion that Rhinoplasty surgery results are permanent unless age touches your nose!

Therefore before you have decided to bring changes in your nose be completely sure about it and consult with any experienced cosmetic surgeon who is adept in Rhinoplasty surgeries. Because the changes you are about to bring must satisfy you, else you have to regret the rest of your life with bad results.

Therefore surgical Rhinoplasty results are permanent. In order to achieve permanent results, the surgical procedure should only be done on a fully developed nose. If surgery is done before this time, continued development of the nose can effect upon surgical results and interrupt the surgical results!

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